Workshops / Presentations / Reviews

Types of Presentations

From Key Note presentations to small group workshops, Marilee provides a wide range of presentations and workshops for different events.

  • Key Note presentations

  • Continuing Education

  • Leadership training

  • Employee Wellness programs

  • Lunch-n-Learn

  • Conferences

  • College orientation

Format of Workshops

  • 1/2 Day

  • Full Day

  • 1 or 2 hours

  • Week long training program

  • In person or virtual presentation

Customized Workshops

Workshops can be customized to your needs in terms of time length as well as topic!

Marilee speaks on topics such as:

  • Communication

  • Public Speaking

  • Motivational Topics

Presentation Topics

Building Connections in the Workplace with Effective Communication

When individuals feel heard, strong connections are formed, which can have a positive impact on the relationship.

In this presentation, participants will learn:

  • Easy straightforward techniques for communicating effectively with others

  • Management of communication breakdowns at meetings

  • Electronic/Phone Communication

  • Strategies for dealing with difficult individuals

Packing our Briefcase with Superpowers for Leaders

We often forget to UNLOCK our Superpowers in our briefcase.

The following points will be covered:

  • Practical ways to see situations differently with Superpowers ~ making the impossible become possible

  • Examples of superpowers such as PATIENCE, PASSION and PERSEVERANCE

  • Personal story of how the speaker applied these Superpowers in overcoming obstacles with her stuttering

Embracing Adversity

Dealing with adversity is a part of normal life struggles. The question is “How do we overcome the challenges and thrive during difficult circumstances?” The answer lies in the CHOICES that we make:

  • Stop our life and succumb to difficult life circumstances

  • Make a conscious choice to endure despite challenging circumstances

    • Whole new world is revealed to us

    • We see strengths that we never knew existed

Overcoming the Impossible

That’s impossible! How many times have we said or thought this? What happens when we pursue the impossible? Marilee will share her story of overcoming the impossible in pursuing her dreams despite stuttering.

  • Learn the 5 P’s of Overcoming the Impossible

  • Discover ways to THINK differently about the Impossible

  • Be inspired to new heights

Workshop Reviews

“I thought there was valuable information provided. I liked how relatable all the examples were and how easy to implement Marilee made all of the ‘superpowers.’”

Krysten Rodgers

Clinical Pharmacist

Corporate Training

“Marilee Fini delivered a lunch-n-learn for our hospital in Cleveland and delivered a Keynote to Federal Agencies for a day of training. She was superb at both training events. Her content was relevant and her likability was outstanding. We plan on using her talents again.”

Thomas Claflin

Hospital Training

“The workshop was time well spent. The outline was organized, a balance between the lecture notes and small group participation. The examples for the do’s / don’ts for the best practice in our verbal / nonverbal behavior was helpful.”

Rebecca Lamb

Sr Provider Experience Program Analyst

Corporate Training

"Marilee makes you feel comfortable & shares funny but relevant examples. I love her classes & can’t wait for more to be offered!”

Elizabeth Juergens

RN Case Manager

Corporate Training

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