Public Speaking Training

Why Choose MLF Speech Therapy for Public Speaking Training?

Experience - Marilee has been a Professional Speaker for 20 years and has traveled across the U.S speaking on topics pertaining to Communication. Marilee is a well respected Professor and currently teaches Public Speaking courses on the college level.

Passion - Marilee has great passion for Public Speaking because this was something she deemed impossible most of her life due to her stuttering. Through hard work, determination and faith she was able to overcome obstacles and is an effective public speaker and stutters!

Certified and Licensed Speech Pathologist - Marilee has been a Speech Pathologist for over 27 years. Due to this certification, she brings knowledge of communication, language and voice that are different from other courses on Public Speaking.


  • Individualized training – Work with Marilee on a plan tailored towards your individual needs in Public Speaking

  • Group training - Bring Marilee to your office or workplace to do a customized training event on Public Speaking


  • In-person training

  • Virtual training

Real Life Practice in Workplace Settings

Presentations can be practiced on-site in the workplace in order to facilitate carryover of skills.

Marilee L. Fini M.A. CCC/SLP

"Professional Speaker and Speech Pathologist"

Phone: (440) 684-1440


Office Location:

5911 Blakley Drive

Cleveland, OH 44143

  • Bring Marilee to your office!!

  • Training is done on-site at your workplace.

  • Arrange a time convenient to your work schedule.

  • This can be billed to your employer or each individual separately.

Customer Reviews

“Marilee is a highly regarded jewel within her field of expertise. Not only is this displayed in her trainings but also in the professional attitude in regards to public speaking. I would recommend taking the opportunity to hearing her whenever you can and also booking her because your team will gain a better understanding which will lead to a more targeted objective in communication and public speaking.”

Lamar Jordon

Hospital Training

“Out of all the public speakers, trainers and subject matter experts I have listened to over the years, I was the most engaged with Marilee Fini. Without a doubt this is the most dynamic and effective speaker I have ever had the pleasure of learning from."

Justin Moose

Hospital Training

“The best course while at my company. I would be highly interested in any other courses you may have. I hope you come back to lead other courses you may have.”

Mansour Jadallah

Corporate Training

"Marilee did a terrific job from diagnosing my pubic speaking issues, to suggesting methods for helping me make significant improvements. These practical improvements are things I can use for a lifetime. I highly recommend Marilee as a public speaking coach.”

Steve Wargo

Former Client

Facebook Series: Overcoming the Impossible in Public Speaking

Overcoming the Impossible In Public Speaking:

Dealing with Nervousness

Overcoming the Impossible In Public Speaking:

Delivery Skills

Payment Options

  • Private pay is accepted via Cash, Check or Google Pay.

  • Professionals coming for Speech Training may seek reimbursement through their employer's Professional Development Program.

  • We provide invoices for documentation if reimbursement is needed from your employer.