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Phone:  (440) 684-1440   

E-Mail:  "mlf_speech@yahoo.com" 

1. Objectives of Public Speaking Training

              Present with confidence and passion

              Learn strategies to manage fear and anxiety

              Design dynamic PowerPoint presentations that engages audiences

             Dazzle your audience with communications skills that set you apart from others!

              Express ideas clearly and concisely

2. Options for Public Speaking Training

   A. Workplace Training:  6 week program (see Agenda on right)

        Bring Marilee to your office!!! 

        Training is done on-site at your workplace.

        Arrange a time convenient to your work schedule. 

        This works best for a group of  up to 15 employees.

        This can billed to your employer or each individual separately.


B. Individual Training at the MLF Speech Therapy Office:  

     6 week program.

       Work individually with Marilee with sessions specifically designed to meet your  
       public speaking needs. 

        Practice speeches will be held in conference or seminar rooms.

3. Why come to MLF Speech Therapy for

     Public Speaking Training?

A. EXPERIENCE - Marilee has been a Professional Speaker for 15 years and has traveled across the U.S speaking on topics pertaining to Communication. Marilee is a well respected Professor and currently teaches Public Speaking courses on the college level. Marilee Fini is a professional Speaker and has been speaking across the U.S. for 15 years.

B. Certified and Licensed Speech Pathologist - Marilee has been a Speech Pathologist for over 20 years. Due to this certification, she brings knowledge of communication, language and voice that are different from other courses in Public Speaking .

C. PASSION- Marilee has great passion for Public Speaking because this was something she deemed impossible most of her life due to her stuttering. Through hard work, determination and faith she was able to overcome obstacles and is an effective public speaker and stutters! 

Call today (440) 684-1440 to get pricing on a customized public speaking training plan! 

4. Award Winning Public Speaking Professor

Marilee Fini, M.A. CCC/SLP accepting the award for earning the university distinction of "South Scholar" for her academic contributions to the Public Speaking Course that she teaches at South University.
"Her pursuit of best practices in teaching and learning is having a lasting impact on faculty and students.  Her scholarship and creativity are playing a vital role in strengthening the university's culture of excellence."

5. Testimonials for Public Speaking Training:

I would highly recommend Marilee‘s public speaking trainings as she has an outstanding level of dedication, professionalism and follow-through that generates successful results. 

Angie Surtani

MLF Speech Therapy offers focused personalized service catered to the individual.  I am pleased with the outcome of MLF Speech Therapy’s services. 

One presentation in particular illustrates Marilee’s attention to detail and result focus.   Marilee orchestrated the speaking engagement and helped me identify my most comfortable style of presenting to a group.  I felt confident and the presentation was well received by the audience.    From this presentation, I learned how to successfully plan and execute a presentation from the concept to the delivery.   I believe that Marilee’s creativity and knowledge of speech therapy led to that success.

Erika Fletcher (Product Development Technologist)

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  • Public Speaking Training

    Public Speaking Training

    Marilee L. Fini M.A. CCC/SLP

    "Professional Speaker and Speech Pathologist"

    Phone:  (440) 684-1440 

    E-Mail Link (click):

    Office Location:
    5911 Blakley Drive
    Cleveland, OH 44143

    6 Week Program Agenda for Public Speaking Training:
    (2 hour session each week) 

                  Week #1:  Introduction to Public Speaking

                  Week #2:  Writing a Presentation

                  Week #3:  Using PowerPoint Effectively

                  Week #4:  Fundamentals of Speaking
                                      (Articulation, Language, Voice)

                  Week #5 & Week #6:  Public Speaking Practice / Lab


    Practicing a presentation can be a daunting task but not with Marilee Fini. She makes Public Speaking Training fun and interactive. She encourages clients to bring their posters or PowerPoint slides to practice using visual aids.