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"My husband and I will forever be grateful to Marilee Fini for her constant wisdom, perseverance, ethics, compassion, and kindness which she utilized and shared with us over the course of two and a half years. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is searching for a speech therapist. She is a miracle worker and we are beyond confidant that she can work miracles for everyone she treats!"

****Marie and Trace Tally (Parents)

"Marilee was able to connect and comfort me on a level most therapists were not able to achieve.  Because Marilee has endured her own struggles with speech, she is able to genuinely empathize with her clients.  

Marilee does a great job of tailoring speech therapy for her adult clients. 

After working with Marilee, however, I not only improved my speech abilities but also acquired a new sense of confidence in my everyday life.  Marilee transcends the role and expectations of a speech therapist." 

****Amy Kole (Adult client)

"MLF Speech Therapy offers focused personalized service catered to the individual.  I am pleased with the outcome of MLF Speech Therapy’s services. 

One presentation in particular illustrates Marilee’s attention to detail and result focus.   Marilee orchestrated the speaking engagement and helped me identify my most comfortable style of presenting to a group.  I felt confident and the presentation was well received by the audience.    From this presentation, I learned how to successfully plan and execute a presentation from the concept to the delivery.   I believe that Marilee’s creativity and knowledge of speech therapy led to that success."

****Erika Fletcher (Product Development Technologist)

"I really appreciate all that you have done to help my son.  I have seen vast improvements in his verbal communication, and I am extremely grateful for your help.    I am grateful that we were able to work with you over the past year, and I know that he will be better off in the long run because he had you to help him. " 

****Christine Pritchard (Parent)

"I spoke to her on the telephone, and just after a fifteen minute conversation with her, I knew that things were going to improve.  She immediately gave me input on how to begin therapy with my child, which over the duration of approximately four months, there was great improvement in my child's speech.  My child was very stressed over the stuttering and she was able to build confidence and a solid foundation for my family and child to assist with my child’s stuttering.  The stuttering is hardly noticeable now." 

****Parent of a child that stutters

"Marilee is motivated by a passion for her job.  Having gone through many of the same difficulties that her own clients now go through, she not only understands the situation well and knows the best way to help them, but she is passionately driven to do so."

****Anthony Crozier (Adult client)


"We just saw family at Christmas that we haven't seen since the summer.  They commented on the difference in how Tatiana is speaking.  My daughter is not only MUCH more fluent, but she is also very comfortable with how she speaks.  Marilee truly has made a difference in my daughter's life.

****Angela Randjelovic (parent)

"With the guidance of Marilee, I have gained so much more confidence when speaking.  That is key.  I now look at myself as a person who stutters, but it does not and will not hold me back in life.  I am forever grateful to her."
****Jason Stiff (Adult client)

 “Marilee is the BEST!  My daughter showed so much progress while under her care.  My daughter also learned a number of speech strategies that she has continued to rely on to help her feel successful and confident with her (now) occasional bumpy speech.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!  Marilee is well-trained and has life experiences that give her the ability to connect with the whole person.  This makes her very unique and successful!  We are very appreciative of the contribution that she has made in our daughter's life and ours!!!  Thank you, Marilee!  We just can't thank you enough!"
****Tremika Churchwell (parent)

“Marilee Fini has not only helped our daughter learn how to work through  her stuttering, but has also taught us how to respond to them.  She has taught us that it is okay to have bumpies, and has given us the tools and skills we need to manage our daughter's stuttering.  She is amazing at what she does.  I don't know where we would be right now if our family was not introduced to her.  I would recommend her to anyone that needed speech therapy services.   Thank you Miss Marilee for all you have done.  We are humbled and thankful for everything.” 
****Rachel and Brad Bakos (parents)

"I would highly recommend Marilee's speech therapy services.  Marilee is very dedicated, patient and consistent.  I like that she emails the weekly assignments which makes the communication and the progress much easier." 
****Brano Hruz (parent)
“We can’t thank Marilee enough for all the knowledge and support that she gave to Jack thoughout this past year. No other therapist, can match the impact and differences that she had on my son’s life. We will forever be grateful to Marilee for her efforts and compassion. If there is one thing that I would change about our experience with Marilee it is that we would have discovered her years earlier.” 
****Suzanne and Vince Norwillo (parents)


“It has been 4 years since we started coming to you for speech therapy, and I feel that your service was superior. I do not feel that anyone else is as passionate as you are about your job. No one else would have been able to bring my son this far. My husband and I feel that he will get far in life and we will always be grateful to you.”


****Mary Beth Armao (parent)


"As a stutterer myself, I believe Marilee Fini understands stuttering like no other speech clinician I have worked with. Her ability to teach fluency techniques to her clients, in addition to instilling in them the idea that it is not a terrible thing to stutter in public has been a great benefit to me and my career. Due to working with Marilee, I often challenge myself to venture into new speaking environments, despite my stutter, such as a change in career or becoming involved with Toastmasters."


****Jay Johnson (client)



"Ms. Fini understands stuttering like no one else can and this becomes evident quite early during therapy. Her own struggle with stuttering puts her at an advantage over other therapists. During therapy this translates into understanding, compassion and key insight into the best way to treat a child's particular issues with stuttering. She came highly recommended by my children's pediatrician and I too highly recommend her to others."


****Mariela Martinez (parent)


 "Marilee has changed our 6 year old daughter's life.  She has given her the confidence to be able to play and interact with her peers."

****Sandee Patti (parent)



"Marliee's experience and knowledge, both personal and professional, in the area of stuttering, contributed greatly to the therapy that our son receives today. After seeing many therapist without success, we finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are very grateful for her guidance."


****Karen Brady (parent)



"Miss Marilee was truly a joy to work with and helped our daughter so much. We will always be appreciative and would recommend her for anyone."


****Sue Hamilton (parent)


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