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Motivational and Communication:

  •  Overcoming the Impossible   

That’s impossible! How many times have we said or thought this? What happens when we pursue the impossible? Life can change tremendously. Marilee L. Fini, a speech pathologist and Professional Speaker shares her story of overcoming the impossible in pursuing her dreams despite stuttering. She will provide ideas for how we can “believe in the impossible.” Participants will learn the importance of looking beyond the challenge and discovering their true potential. Through this presentation you will be inspired and motivated to new heights!

  •  Essential Communication Skills 

Listening, asserting your opinion, negotiating, writing and public speaking are essential communication skills needed to be successful in any workplace. Participants will learn easy, straightforward techniques for using an assertive vocal quality, formulating opinions in a concise manner, initiating their views at group meetings and using effective public speaking skills.   

  • Public Speaking: Fun & Easy Strategies for Professionals
You will learn easy and fun ways to get over your fears of public speaking and love speaking in front of a crowd. Topics covered will be expressing opinions clearly, using appropriate vocal quality, choosing appropriate technology for your presentation and ways to involve audience participation.
  • Following Your Passion

Becoming empowered and excited in your field is the key to achieve maximum results. Strategies for how to accomplish this and feel good about your work will be discussed.

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    Marilee L. Fini accepting the Annie Glenn National Leadership Award given by Ohio State University at the OSSPEAC convention recognizing her contributions to the profession as a voice for individuals with fluency disorders.