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Workshop Ratings average 5 stars out of 5.

“Marilee Fini’s presentation was very fruitful! Her personal and professional experience brought this topic to life. The presentation will shape the way I work with my fluency students from this point forward.” 
Chiqueeta Lea, Greenwood, SC  - SLP

“I thought Marilee was a refreshing presenter! She offered actual techniques that we can walk into our therapy rooms and utilize.”
Cheryl Gamble, Taylors, SC - SLP

“Awesome! It has been a very long time since I have been to a workshop that provided such practical help for stuttering clients. Great use of videos. “
Elizabeth Walter, Boiling Springs, SC - SLP

“Excellent! Marilee’s presentation was inspiring.” 
Mollie Manoakis, Greer, SC - SLP

“Best fluency workshop I’ve attended. Marilee was able to provide insights and ideas that others presenters have been unable to do.” 
Susan Nelson, Clinton, SC - SLP

“This was a terrific workshop. Your openness and your kind heart combine with your impressive knowledge of therapeutic techniques to make a great experience.”  
Susan Hicken - SLP

“Great presentation and inside knowledge. Loved the real life examples and actual therapy techniques. Loved the personal insight.” 
Lauren Kozak, Greenville, SC - School SLP

“Marilee is a delightful and engaging speaker. I loved her personal stories about living with stuttering and her video examples. I learned a lot of useful information about fluency assessment and therapy techniques.”  
Anna Quast, Greenville, SC - SLP 
Vice President of Piedmont Speech & Hearing Consortium

“Fabulous. Thorough. Capitivating. Couldn’t wait to hear her take on each changing subtopic.”
Ruth Whitley, Greer, SC - SLP

“Refreshing workshop. Great to listen to a person who stutters that is so confident and passionate.”
Justine Koglin, Duncan, SC - SLP

“Marilee did a great job presenting with humor, organization, and relevant material. I enjoyed having videos with real life situations that showed various ages and severities. Marilee is real and open about her stutter and such as brave women.” 
Leigh Christmas, Greenville, SC - SLP

"Absolutely LOVED your style, presentation and enthusiasm! Having you give the presentation as a person who stutters was DEFINITELY a huge bonus, you are right.  You were fantastic!" Kerri Scriven, Speech Pathologist

“Thoughtful. Inventive. Brilliant.  Marilee made me wish that my next therapy session was tonight.” 
Beverly Kargir
Brookline, MA

“Best stuttering Conference I’ve attended.  Wonderful, authentic presentation, valuable information and techniques were discussed.”
Linda Marquis
Swampscott, MA

“I thought it was excellent. It was invaluable to have a presenter on this topic who is both a SLP and a stutterer. Marilee provided really helpful examples of goals, strategies, activities as well as important stories about the experience of stuttering to illustrate the importance of empathy and dealing with the emotional component.”
Christine Livelli
Cambridge, MA 

“Marilee did an excellent job incorporating her personal experiences as well as experiences/videos of previous or current clients into her presentation. I like how relatable and real life she made the workshop.”
Victoria Samborski
Brookline, MA  

“Marilee is a fantastic speaker/presenter. Her insight because of her personal experience was invaluable and very practical. I highly recommend her workshop. “
Susan Gay
Shrews, MA

“Excellent user-friendly workshop. The most step-by-step therapy guidance as well as strategies to work with the whole child/family.”
Carol Clark
Taunton, MA

“Excellent presentation. The information was provided in an engaging and accessible manner. It was a nice balance of discussion of emotional components and development of therapeutic interventions. Marilee is a gifted speaker who uses her own experiences to enhance her presentation.
Shannon Witter
Rehoboth, MA

“Marilee is so real and so passionate about stuttering. Her animated style makes a fairly familiar topic come alive with new energy. Her ideas are extremely creative and I truly feel I learned another dimension of stuttering by attending her presentation.” 
Julie Barcelos,
Dartmouth, MA  

“Marilee Fini’s presentation has transformed my understanding and heart for working with clients who stutter. I’m no longer afraid to work with these clients, young or old, but welcome the opportunity. In addition, I feel I can apply many of her concepts and ideas to a variety of other kinds of clients as well.” 

Jane Coolidge, Speech Pathologist, McCormick, SC

You are a dynamic, encouraging, organized speaker! Your personal journey is incredibly motivating, informative and real. Thank you for the practical suggestions for clinical implementation and thank you for opening up to your calling.”  

Tamar Pundys, Speech Pathologist,  Greenville, SC 

"Marilee is a "rock star" communicator.  She engages the audience, informs the participants and empowers them to apply the information in a clinical situation."

Arianne Pait, M.A. CCC-SLP, Clinic Director of Arkansas State University

"Best stuttering workshop in years.  Just excellent - highly organized, professional, pleasant, pleasing personality, good vocal quality, very interesting to listen to."

Helen Horwitz, Speech Pathologist, Beachwood, OH

"Excellent workshop and enlightening speaker!  Marilee is a passionate and fiery speaker who sheds light on stuttering and the social / emotional impacts that accompany it.  Very inspirational!  I highly recommend her to others!"

Rachel Goff, School SLP

"Marilee Fini's communication and speaking was phenomenal.  It was the perfect combination of insight, humor and educational learning.  I am so excited to one day implement these techniques I have learned today!"

Morgan Caples, SLP student

"Marilee, first of all, thank you for what you've done and what you continue to do for children and adults who stutter.  I attended all your sessions at OSSPEAC this year and was SO glad I did!  When I got back to school I told several middle and high school students I work with all about you and your success story; they listened intently and seemed impressed, like there was hope for them too :)  You are a wonderful inspiration and a very gifted speaker; please keep on doing what you do...it works!

Renee L. Freund, SLP, Mansfield, OH (OSSPEAC convention 2013) 

"Marilee Fini is a remarkable speaker!  Marilee presented the keynote address titled "Overcoming the Impossible" and wowed the audience.  Attendees reported that it was the best key note they had heard at our convention."
Miranda Crabtree, M.S. CCC-SLP
Arkansas Speech Language Hearing Association Convention

"I highly recommend Marilee Fini as a conference speaker.  Her pleasant personality and willingness to share herself in addition to her knowledge of stuttering and stuttering therapy make her an excellent choice for professional growth and development ."
Cynthia Losavio, M.A. CCC-SLP
Convention Coordinator
Speech Pathologists & Audiologists In Louisiana Schools 

"Aside from the valuable and highly enlightening subject matter, a striking aspect of the seminar was the style in which Ms. Fini put the material across.   She engages her audience with a confident and dynamic delivery that feels as though it is addressed to each audience member individually rather that simply to a group."
Jeffrey S. Menkes, MD, FACEP
Newark, NJ 

"This was the best stuttering session that I attended in my 28 year career.  I loved seeing the videos and your demonstration of the techniques of treatment."
Jana Harms, Speech Pathologist
Kansas City, MO
Missouri Speech Language Hearing Association Convention

“She was excellent! The BEST speaker at the whole convention!  She talked about stuttering treatment for the child’s speech and for the child’s emotional health. It was great!” 
Adapted from Donna M. Dunn's letter from a participant
Kentucky Speech Language Hearing Association Chair


“Not only does she have a great deal of knowledge in the area of stuttering therapy, she brings a unique perspective as she herself stutters. Her day long seminar worked through the evaluation process, treatment techniques and gave our attendees a chance to problem solve different situations together as a group.”


DeAnna Larsen, M.S. CCC/SLP

Vice President

Nevada Speech Language Hearing Association


“A truly exceptional seminar. Full of meaningful, practical information that was presented in a clear, pleasant, thought provoking manner. One of the best professional seminars on stuttering that I have ever experienced.” 


Dr. Phil Schneider

Atlanta - National Stuttering Association Convention 2007



“Marilee’s personal experience and insight gives me as a professional a glimpse into this world that I have no other way of seeing. Her  suggestions are practical, functional and fun. I recommend her to anyone!.”


Julie Fenton

Speech Pathologist


“I have worked in the field of Speech Pathology in the public school setting for the past 30 years.  I have attended numerous conferences and presentations on stuttering during this time.  Never have I left a presentation feeling that I had gained such practical knowledge and techniques to address stuttering as I did after yours.”


Nancy Patterson, Speech-Language Pathologist

Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists


“Marilee’s presentation received excellent feedback. Many attendees commented on Marilee’s well-organized, time efficient, dynamic presentation style and sense of humor. Marilee was an effective communicator who used videos and small group discussion to help emphasize key points.”

Kelley D. Shaw, M.A. CCC/SLP

Maryland Speech Language Hearing Association 2008-09 Convention Chair


“This Workshop provided a multitude of practical useful “take-it-back-to-school-and-use-it” techniques.  It was so helpful to get examples to use on IEP’s. I also appreciate the focus on the emotional aspects of stuttering.”
Mary Pat Reilly
Louisville, KY
Kentucky Speech Language Hearing Association Convention

“Informative, entertaining, succinct, to the point and useful. It made an impact on all attending. After the code for the workshop is announced, usually the group bolts from the room.  It stimulated more conversation – more than ½ the group stayed.”
Lynn Chvotkin, Speech Pathologist

Potomac, MD

Maryland Speech Language Hearing Association 2008-09 Convention


“I have attended many workshops, seminars and conferences during the course of my 30 year professional career which has spanned over 30 years.  Marilee definitely stands out as an exceptional presenter for several reasons. To state the most obvious, she is a recognized expert in her field, and has a wealth of information to impart.  It is the manner in which she presents that information that makes her so special.  Marilee has the ability to speak to large audiences while maintaining that personal touch that makes one feel as if she is speaking amongst a small group of friends.” 


Joan C. Hanrahan, M.S. CCC/SLP

Staten Island, NY


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