* Keynote Addresses

  • Overcoming the Impossible

That’s impossible!  How many times have we said or thought this?  What happens when we pursue the impossible?  Life can change tremendously.  Marilee L. Fini, a speech pathologist and public speaker will share her story of overcoming the impossible in pursuing her dreams despite stuttering.  She will provide ideas for how we can “believe in the impossible” in our lives as well as our clients’ lives. Through this presentation you will be inspired and motivated to new heights!


  • Reawaken your passion

Often times we forget about our passion. In forgetting our passion, we forget why we went into our chosen field. As a result, we become stale and burned out. We have to be reminded of our passion so that we can reawaken the power within us to help others!


  • The cup is always ½ FULL!
We have a choice to see the cup ½ full or ½ empty. When we concentrate on “what’s working” that will expand in our life. Marilee L. Fini, a speech pathologist and public speaker will talk about how focusing on what’s working in her speech helped to change her life and led her down a path to be a speaker. Ideas for motivating our clients and their families to concentrate on what’s working in their speech beside their disorder will be discussed.
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